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Sarah Allen's reflections on internet software and other topics

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    If you are brand new to MongoDB and Rails 4, take a quick look at my very basic rails 4 mongodb tutorial before diving into this one. Gems: mongoid, omniauth, figaro Let’s get started Make sure you have Rails 4 (rails -v). We’ll make a Rails app skipping test-unit (-T), since I prefer RSpec, and omitting ActiveRecord [...]

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    I’m using capybara-webkit for integration testing with rspec, which is awesome, because it is faster than other full-browser testing solutions, like Selenium, but it is slower than RackTest (default for RSpec testing). RSpec provides a nice way to specify an alternate driver when running Javascript tests, but configuration can be a little tricky. I got… Continue reading

    The post rspec: mixing transcations and truncation database clearner strategies appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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    I have a relatively short list of cities which I want to plot on a world map. The list is a little too long for a manual lookup, but I don’t know exactly how I’ll use it in an app, so I figured out how to do it with some simple ruby in irb using… Continue reading

    The post ruby to find latitude/longitude for a list of cities appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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    I had an idea this morning that I could make a simple desktop app by combining the lightning-fast website generation capabilities of jekyll with the awesome Node-Webkit that lets us native wrappers for HTML5 apps. I checked out this nice intro to Node-Webkit, and unsurprisingly ran into a few gotchas, documented below for other adventurer… Continue reading

    The post jekyll dektop app with node-webkit on osx appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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    I just created a very lightweight time tracking system where we can use a Google Calendar to track who does what when and then get a spreadsheet that shows all of the hours worked by individuals. It goes with a spreadsheet where the first row has a header like this: Date Meeting Sarah Paul Glen… Continue reading

    The post time tracking with google calendar appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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    update: follow the rspec upgrade guide and try the transpec gem Upgrading a Rails app to RSpec 3, I appreciated Jake Boxer’s guide. However, his regular expressions didn’t work in the editors I use, so I whipped up some command-line options that use the flexible unix utility sed. If you want to actually understand the… Continue reading

    The post rspec 3 upgrade: conversion of should to expect appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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    It has been surprisingly hard to find a very simple tutorial to get started with Express, along with some common helpful tools, including tests! Here’s a little tutorial for Node.js v0.10 and Express 4. I’m learning Express, since I’m working on an app in SailsJS, so I will pick options that mirror choices made by… Continue reading

    The post simple test first express setup & tutorial appeared first on the evolving ultrasaurus.

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